SVC 04.2014 Lt Gov Cawley Q&A – Agree to disagree but do not be disagreeable

Q & A at April 2014 SVC with Lt Gov Cawley – If common sense, why are we blaming a party?

04.2014 SVC Q&A with Lt Gov Cawley – Will PA ever be a right to work state?



Lt. Gov Cawley’s thoughts on Ranch Stand-off in NV – 04.2014 SVC Q&A

Lt Gov Cawley spoke at SVC – Where were we four years ago and where are we now?

Lt Gov Cawley spoke at Susquehanna Valley Conservatives outlining his responsbilities as Lieutenant Governor

2014 PLC Leadership Luncheon with Michael Reagan

Stop looking for Ronald Reagan, not going to find one. Ronald Reagan was not looking for an Abraham Lincoln when he ran. Be thankful we had a Ronald Reagan in our lives. Go out and be a cheerleader for the greatest country the United States.


Advice from Michael Reagan: If you ever have a candidate, ask them why they are running. If they cannot answer why, don’t support them.



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