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Mark J. Harris would like to thank you for your  support as 10th Congressional Delegate.  “Although I was unsuccessful, I am glad for the opportunity to travel throughout the district, networking and making new acquaintances.   Now is a time for us to come together as a party and fight for the values we believe in.  A no vote in November will be a vote for the democrats.

Irene C. Harris thanks you for your support as an Alternate Delegate to the 10th Congressional District.  Irene will ensure the 10th will be represented at RCN Convention.

Cleveland here we come!



PA 2016 Election Results


What does the christian voter guide say about Joe Peters for Attorney General?

ivotes - AG 2016

Who will be on the ballot and what questions will be on the ballot on Tuesday, 4/26/2016 for PA’s primary election?

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Vote Joe Peters for PA’s Attorney General on 4/26/2016

Joe Peters rose from street cop to serving Presidents Clinton and Bush 43 as a leader in the efforts to combat drug trafficking and battle international terrorism. Joe oversaw the country’s 26 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) programs and their budget of $250 million, and he represented the White House with police, prosecutors, governors, mayors and non-governmental organizations.

As a Federal Prosecutor, Joe’s accomplishments include the convictions of Philadelphia Mob Boss “Little Nicky” Scarfo, his underboss, and 16 mob soldiers. This trial, conducted by Joe and four other Federal Prosecutors, resulted in one of the most significant Mafia family convictions in U.S. history. As a result, he received the U.S. Department of Justice’s John Marshall Award. The Associated Press called Joe and his fellow prosecutors the “Modern Day Untouchables.” (to learn more about Joe, click here)

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Vote Mark J. Harris for Delegate to the Republican National Convention for the PA 10th Congressional District on 4/26/2016. He is lucky #13!

Vote Mark J. Harris on 4.26.2016

Ted Cruz is in Williamsport tomorrow 04/22/2016. (Tickets needed)



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