Tom Corbett for Goveror – Supporting PA’s Strong Agricultural Community

ELIZABETHTOWN—Pennsylvania Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Tom Corbett, unveiled his campaign agricultural policy and Farm Families for Corbett Coalition on Monday, July 19th at Kenneth Myer’s dairy farm in Elizabethtown, Lancaster County. Surrounded by more than 75 supporters and friends in the Ag community, Tom spoke about his plans to create and maintain an environment in which the agriculture industry can thrive and grow.

In his remarks, Tom recognized that Pennsylvania’s farm families are a cornerstone of the Commonwealth’s economic prosperity. As Governor, Tom Corbett plans to make this key industry a top priority in state government. He was honored to receive the official endorsement of the Pennsylvania Ag Republicans in June based on his record with the Ag community.

As Attorney General, Tom Corbett led the effort to pass an unprecedented bill that created the Agriculture, Communities and Rural Environment Act (ACRE) to strike a proper balance between farmers and restrictive ordinances in order to ensure that farmers maintain their right to farm under the law. Tom works closely with state agricultural leaders and continues to tour fairs, farms and businesses throughout PA in order to hear directly about issues affecting the industry.

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Penn State’s Ag Progress Days in Rock Springs, PA!