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Obamacare addressed at 2014 PLC

Brief Notes from 2014 PLC –

Sally Pipes, from Pacific Research Institute stated there is only solution for Obamacare/AFA and that is to repeal and replace.

2014 PLC - Salllly PipesThe panel consisted of many different parts of Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act:

  • Phil English, former US Representative spoke on malpractice reform.
  • Terence Farrell, Chester County Commissioner spoke about the costs to the tax payer for county employees and prisoners under AFA.
  • Lisa Nancollas, Mifflin Co Tea Party Patriots spoke on healthcare compacts and how the Pennsylvania senators and governor are not in support.
  • Charles Proctor, III, Proctor, Lindsay, & Dixon spoke as legal council to Conestoga who has filled a suite which is currently waiting a decision from the supreme court.
  • Elizabeth Steele, Commonwealth Foundation spoke on medicaid reform.

2014 PLC - obamacare panel

After 41 Years of Abortion, Here’s 41 Reasons I’m Pro-Life

Conestoga Wood Specialities goes to the Supreme Court tomorrow.

Conestoga Wood Specialties, a family-run business owned by the Hahns, are seeking a religious exemption from the HHS mandate so that they will not be forced through their business to provide drugs that can cause an abortion. Everyone should be free to live and do business according to their faith. Learn more at #PrayfortheHahns #ReligiousFreedom

Miss Pennsylvania Valerie Gatto Was Conceived in Rape, Glad She Wasn’t Aborted

Valerie Gatto was recently crowned Miss Pennsylvania 2014. The talented and beautiful young woman has a strong faith in God and a budding career after graduating from Pitt. valeriegattoBut, Gatto could have easily become another abortion statistic. Her mother was victimized by a brutal rapist and almost killed, but, thankfully, Valerie was given a chance at life

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Hospital Forced to Deny Treatment for Kids With Severe Medical Conditions Sues Obamacare

Do the “Precious Feet” (lapel pins) Help Save Babies Lives?

Do the “Precious Feet” Help Save Babies Lives?

You Betcha!


From Kathy in Phoenix, AZ
“I am so overjoyed to have learned of the ‘Precious Feet’. I am 16 years old. One day I as in the library and saw a girl that had the cutest little lapel pin of baby feet that I was curious and asked her about them. She told me what they stood for….it touched me so dearly and this girl was so sweet. I was even thinking about getting an abortion but now I will not. I will have the baby and give it up for adoption. Too bad I can’t keep it….but I know this will be the best for the child. I feel it was inspiration for me to be at the library that night.”

From Ray in Springfield, MO
Recently one of our friends gave a pair of ‘Precious Feet’ to a pregnant, unmarried girl she knew….An abortion was being planned and the girl was receiving pressure to carry out those plans. After seeing the feet she couldn’t believe them. The usual this can’t be true’ and, ‘I don’t believe it’ led to further research and examination of just what would be happening if the abortion were carried out. In other words – a life was saved!”

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A thought from George W. Bush

“I do not believe the promises of the Declaration of Independence are just for the strong, the independent, the healthy. They are for everyone-including unborn children.” – George W. Bush