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Grand jury to probe 2010 GOP committeemen race

March 10, 2011|By Miriam Hill, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER

District Attorney Seth Williams has launched a grand jury investigation into irregularities in last spring’s elections for Republican committeemen.

Curtis Douglas, deputy district attorney in charge of special investigations, confirmed that the investigation, which was first reported last April, was being done by a grand jury.

“I can’t say a whole lot,” Douglas said, when asked for specifics on what the grand jury was considering.

Williams’ interest stemmed from stories last spring in The Inquirer and Daily News that detailed questionable signatures – including one from a dead woman and another from a committeeman candidate who apparently was not a real person – on election documents.

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“A Better Snyder County” Do you think?

Click on the link to read the letter of complaint Irene sent regarding posting Snyder County employee personal information on the world wide web.  This matter should be handled quickly and a policy should be put into place that it does not happen again. Identity Theft – Snyder County Commissioners